The fearless mother

You know that feeling when you walk into a room and your kids are everywhere? Screaming, fighting, wanting you to fix what ever problem they are having at that moment and you think to yourself, why oh why me lord.

Those moments we forget why we had kids because life and things get in the way. We get so stressed that the only thing we see is what’s going on now.

That’s the question most parents ask themselves the Big Why Lord! Ok, I’m going to get serious for a moment and tell you why I wanted kids. At the time I would have never guessed I would have had 5 but back to my story.

My husband and I had no clue that we were going to have my oldest daughter so early on in our marriage, but I remember when I first found out I was pregnant with her. My heart was so full. This miracle was growing inside me:). After she was born she became the center of my world and I could not imagine life without her, so of course I could not let her be alone and so goes the story. I could tell you story after story of all the wonderful memories I have of every single one of them. The older they get the more I have to sit and remember those times so I remember why my hair is turning gray.

As mothers we get scared of all the bad that might come our kids way, so we feel we have to fix it and make it better. The one thing I’m learning as my kids get older is, my job is not always to fix it, and I was always afraid that, that’s what I had to do. As the years go by, I’m realizing that there is a time to fix, then there is a time to sit back and just listen. We need to let them figure life out as a individual, so they know they have the power to fix it for themselves.

Now the one thing that I can not figure out and to this day I do not understand is, why they have to pick on each other just to hear the other one scream, but as to life some things make since while others will have us guessing till the day we die, and I’m afraid that just might be one of them.



It’s A Blessed Life

Have you noticed that when you set your mind to something, all the sudden everything tends to get in your way. I’ve had that happen allot the last couple of months with the choice to work out.

I’ve mentioned once or twice that I really enjoy working out. The funny thing is that sometimes I feel like a snow man melting and I’m so sore from working out 2 times a day, my legs hurt, my arms feel like jello, my abs are tight but that feeling that I crushed that workout far outweighs not doing it at all.

My kids over the past few months have noticed the change in how the family eats and how active we’ve become. My Bella is always right there beside me, no matter how hard she thinks the workout is and for a 6 year old, I think that’s pretty awesome!
I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but piyo is a Beachbody program a cross between yoga and palates. Builds strength and flexibility. I’ve worked so hard to accomplish all that I have, I will push through to the end.

I live a Blessed life with all that God has given me and I tend to pass it on to all 5 of my kids.


The Beautiful Chaos Of My Life

Be thankful for this day! I know sometimes as mothers, that’s a statement we find hard at times. Life isn’t always fantastic, but the reality is, my haves far outweigh my wishes.
Being a mother of 5, sometimes isn’t easy just to give into the wishing part of life, but, I am happy with the beautiful chaos of my life.
I know that in life, we have to find that quiet place where we find out who we are, ( without our kids ) because if you are anything like me, life just revolves around them 24/7.
Stop and ask yourself, what is important to you outside the beautiful chaos of our lives. One thing I’ve found is, fitness is something I truly enjoy. I find time for it in all the chaos of my life.
My kids are 13,11,9,6 and 4. They all have different needs. With school, sports, homework, and friends, life keeps moving. But in the midst of life, I know that time with God, and health, are the things that are just for me. Those tiny moments that we spend on ourselves, are worth putting our time into.


The Beginner blogger

I’ve waited a long time to start this part of my life, blogging scared me. New year, new ideas, new hopes, and new dreams. I believe that this is a perfect way to start. First off I would like to tell you a little about myself. I am a mother of 4 beautiful girls, and one of the cutest little boys ever. I love being a mom. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for 14 years.
I started working with Beachbody about about 8 months ago and lost over 30 lbs, and that in itself (5 kids, 2 surgeries, and some health issues) is a freaking miracle, and of course, lots of hard work put behind it. I think the whole reason I’m wanting to put this blog together is to share my journey with you. I started my second round of PIYO today it’s a little tuff, cause I’m weak but that’s the whole point of this program is to increase your flexibility and strength.

I think making the choice to try new things and work extra hard this year is going to make it exciting! I can’t wait!