A Colorful Mind

Living a life with ADD as an adult is like being on a roller coaster ride, wanting to get off but you can’t. I’ve found that if I keep my mind relaxed by working out, writing, cleaning at fast paces will help.

A colorful mind is hard, but one we must learn to live with. I’ve excepted this now, but for years I’ve tried to pretend that I don’t have it. People tell you your crazy cause your different than them, your organization skills are less than perfect, learning anything is sometimes a chore because focusing on one task takes a lot out of you, you feel drained just by the thought of learning something new. The passion I have for things is something I hold onto. When I put my mind to it, I can accomplish it. It might take longer but I’m ok with that. My colorful mind is mine. I’m ok with learning how to learn things in a different way. Others may not understand.

I used to ask God why I was so different from other people, but the one trait I believe that I do have is to love people, and teach them to love themselves. A brain is complicated no one truly understands the reason behind ADD. They will diagnose it and give you meds, but learning to calm a colorful brain is something only someone dealing with this understands.

There is Hope for us! Exercise and good health lessen the depression and anxiousness that we feel at the moment. If we get relief from life even on shorts spurts, I believe it is worth it!

Don’t think that just because your thoughts and actions are different from others makes you less than capable at achieving a task. It sometimes takes a colorful mind to accomplish the purpose God has for us in life. So be calm even when chaos surrounds you. Find something that brings you passion, worth, something that only you can do and if your not sure right now it’s ok.

It’s ok to not know! You will figure it out. In the meantime, take 30 mins. and give your brain some relief exercise with your all, because that is something we are good at, giving it everything we have, true passion even in chaos. Eat well to give your body an extra boost throughout the day, because you will thank yourself for it later. We are ok!