The Painting

Have you ever felt pain you know the kind of pain that no one can see. It runs so deep in your bones that it cripples your every move.

I’ve experienced this kind of gut wrenching hopelessness. I will never forget the hold that it had on my life. That kind of pain stops you from doing things you love. Your hopes and dreams fade and they feel so far away. The depression takes over and you forget the beauty in life and what and who you were created for.

I know there are tons of blogs that tell you about all the right product and all the right weight loss tricks but none of that matters if you are at this point because you must find that hope in who you are. The precious jewel that you forgot about. The one that others see even if we look in the mirror and only see ourselves as being ugly.

The beauty and love must start within your heart. Seeing yourself as worthy of this change. Its possible, I promise. There is hope even if your lost inside yourself.

God predestined you for great things even before you were formed in your mothers womb. My daughter said it best. One morning as I was getting her ready for school, she asks. “How are babies made.” I stood there pale faced having no clue what to say to my six year old. I said well honey “God makes babies” and at this point I’m praying God give me the right words to satisfy this question without totally answering it. My daughter looked up at me and said “its ok mom I think I know. God painted our eye color. He wanted mine to be like yours and daddy’s and I like that cause my eyes are perfect. He thought about what color my hair should be and then he remembered that daddy’s favorite hair color is blond like yours mommy. He painted my lips to be rosy red so they would not make me look to pale and my forehead looks a little bit like yours. Mommy I’m happy he spent so much time deciding how he wanted me to be. I also know he made me a princess and that’s why I like pretty things.”

As I stand there in complete awe of what I just heard I was blessed to know that she was so confident in who she is and I never want her to lose that. It’s a perfect example of what God did for us. He formed us perfect and spent time on us and continues to spend time on us. As women we tend to focus solely on the outer appearance but I believe we must focus on the inner beauty before we can ever fully begin to lose weight and train ourselves to eat right.

Looking in the mirror, going deep within ourselves and finding who we truly are. Some of us have been hurt by parents, some of us have been hurt by our loved ones, our husbands, parents,kids. You name it and your heart has been touched in a negative way.

I want you to imagine with me right now all your broken pieces being picked up and glued back together in perfection. Painted by God’s beautiful hand, handcrafted with a purpose. Don’t turn to food or any other unhealthy habit to get passed the pain. Look in the mirror and see the beauty that God has made. We might not be where we want to be but we can get there. Don’t give up.



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