The fear of doing something that totally defies logic, anything that you would naturally do, this crippling fear that keeps your mind spinning. Fear is an amazing thing. People pass it up as just a natural response but it is so much more.

Many people let fear keep them from their destiny, that one thing God has called them to. I know when I was young I just knew God called me to the mission fields. I remember dreaming at night of all the lives I would touch with this amazing gift He gave me. I was passionate, I new in my whole being that this was my soul purpose of being put on this earth. I went on missions. The first mission I went to was Brazil. That place stole my heart from the moment I stepped off the plane. The colors, the smell, the people. Oh the people, that’s what I will never forget. They were sweet, open hearted and kind. They welcomed our silly butts from the moment we got there. Our mission there was to make them laugh. See I was a clown, they called me lulu ( I picked that name because that’s the name my grandpa Joe gave me when I was little ).

The second mission I went on was with a dance and singing group that went from one city to the next. Again my heart went out to the people. The broken and hopeless.

The third and sadly the last was with a drama group. I found my voice on this mission. They believed that God gave me a gift to speak to the people. I fought it till my last night. They would not let the tour end until I stepped out and faced my fear head on. Guess what, I did it, and I let God speak through me and it blessed people. Me out of all 8 of us, He chose me that night.

So many things in this life has scared me. People thought I was insane, and not everyone liked me, but I did not give up.

The older I got I gave into that crippling fear that told me I could do nothing. That dream of helping people was a childhood dream. That’s a mistake when we start allowing ourselves to doubt who God has made us. You know, I may never go back to Brazil, that place where God gave me peace and a clear vision of my future, but He has brought me into this beautiful opportunity to help others feel better about themselves. Never thought it would be through fitness, but they need what I have. Encouragement, support and faith in who they are. I’m not an expert, by no means do I claim to be, and I’m still trying to stay strong with my journey, but I can go hand in hand, side by side with them until they accomplish the faith in themselves that I have had for them the whole time. I found my missions in life, along side being a mother of 5 beautiful kids and a wife of a wonderful man. I’m truly blessed.



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