Overcoming my excuses

Do you ever go through a season in your life, where you make every excuse you can think of just to get out of that one thing you know you need to fix or even change ( even if you know it will change your life ). I did for years with every inch, with every pound I put on, with every pregnancy, with every excuse, with every depressed moment I had.

Sometimes when you’ve made excuses for so long they become second nature. You tell your self that you’ve tried but failed, and really you gave up because of excuses, and you convince yourself that because you messed up, you failed and so the cycle begins.

A roller coaster of emotions consume your whole being, and you tell yourself that you will never get control over your weight, your life, or your emotions. Maybe I’m just crazy you tell yourself, hopeless.

Ok, honestly I’ve felt that way. I convinced myself that I was a crazy failure, but then I came in contact with a group of people that have opened my eyes to realize that, I’m in-control of who I am and what happens to me. Let me tell you that, if you surround yourself with people that are on the same mission as you, you find confidence in places you didn’t think existed.

I’m healthy now and I’m happy, who would have thought I can find love for myself and the body God gave me. Being comfortable in my own skin. Finding Gods purpose and helping others find out who God made them to be.

I’ve lost over 30lbs in the last 8 months. I can say that I feel better about who I am. Feeding your body with the right nutrition helps you feel better as well. Coaching others in the same situation has been my mission. I thought I had to be a missionary or go over to another county to get people to hear my message of hope, love, and peace but I have a mission here to help women find who they are through Gods eyes, and to realize their beauty and find love for themselves. My story, my journey, is not over or complete, but I will stand strong with others as long as I’m on this earth.



2 thoughts on “Overcoming my excuses”

  1. I’m just humbled that somehow God used me, brought me into your life. So many other things could have happened. But I just had a ‘sense’ about you, that I was to be in your life somehow, as a friend. So glad I am. 🙂


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