The Beautiful Chaos Of My Life

Be thankful for this day! I know sometimes as mothers, that’s a statement we find hard at times. Life isn’t always fantastic, but the reality is, my haves far outweigh my wishes.
Being a mother of 5, sometimes isn’t easy just to give into the wishing part of life, but, I am happy with the beautiful chaos of my life.
I know that in life, we have to find that quiet place where we find out who we are, ( without our kids ) because if you are anything like me, life just revolves around them 24/7.
Stop and ask yourself, what is important to you outside the beautiful chaos of our lives. One thing I’ve found is, fitness is something I truly enjoy. I find time for it in all the chaos of my life.
My kids are 13,11,9,6 and 4. They all have different needs. With school, sports, homework, and friends, life keeps moving. But in the midst of life, I know that time with God, and health, are the things that are just for me. Those tiny moments that we spend on ourselves, are worth putting our time into.



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